Hotel Fafense

Hotel Fafense
Completely renovated in 2019, the Hotel now offers 6 different types of fully air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms, free Wi-Fi and Room Service.

A continental breakfast is served every morning from 7:30 am to 10:30 am.

The facilities also feature a dining hall, a small indoor garden, laundry services, a rally simulator and a comfortable and modern lounge.

Check-In: 15:00
Check-Out: 12:00
License number: 8385

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  • Simulador de Rali
The Hotel Fafense is a 3-star property in the center of Fafe.


Largo Ferreira de Melo, 133 a 143, Fafe,
GPS 41.45186 / -8.16833

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Reservation Policy:
Please read our terms and conditions carefully. Our staff is instructed to
follow and act upon the terms indicated:
● All reservations must be made by persons over the age of 18.
● It is mandatory to present an identification document at the time of
● Minors under 18 must be accompanied by parents and/or legal guardians.
legal guardians.
Rates presented by the Hotel Fafense are subject to change based on internal and market
on internal and market data.
● When making a reservation, the guest must take into account the maximum occupancy indicated
for each room. The Hotel Fafense is not responsible for reservations made with
differences between maximum occupancy and guests present.
● The hotel is equipped with extra beds and cribs on request. The use of the cradle is
and the use of the extra bed adds a fee of 10 euros per night to the total
total amount of the reservation.
The hotel has a 24-hour front desk and telephone reception.
Check-in time starts at 15:00 and ends at 07:00 the next day.
the next day.
● Check-out time ends at 12:00 (noon) on the check-out date.
● If you require Late Check-Out, please inform our Front Desk (subject to
● If you require Early Check-In, please inform Reception (subject to applicable
● At Check-In, the guest will be informed about the functioning of the
Hotel Fafense and receive a room key.
● The guest must leave the key with our Reception at the time of Check-Out.
● The Hotel Fafense is a no smoking property. This applies
rule applies to all traditional methods, electronic devices, vapes, vaporizers
vaporizer pens, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes or e-cigs), e-pipes and all
their variations, regardless of the product name.
A 50% deposit of the reservation or a valid credit card information is required to make a reservation.
credit card information will be required for the reservation to be considered confirmed. To
more information about our cancellation and refund policy, please
please read our section on Cancellation Policy.
● The price of reservations at Hotel Fafense already includes: All taxes, services
basic services (water, air conditioning, electricity), Internet and TV, Breakfast, the
standard amount of bathroom amenities, bed linen and towels.
● The rooms are cleaned daily and a change of clothes is done every
4 days or when the room is checked out.
● When booking a room, the guest is booking a room type and not a
specific room. Each typology contains rooms of similar size and with the same
the same equipment and amenities.
Extensions of stay are allowed, although dependent on the availability of the
availability of the Hotel Fafense.
● Damages considered abusive by the Hotel are the responsibility of the guest and
will be duly charged to the guest after evaluation of the same.
● Damages or pre-existing problems in the room should be reported to the Reception
after Check-In in order to avoid liability and/or charges.
● As part of our commitment to guest safety, our
employees do not disclose the identity, room number, or presence of a
guest to anyone unless requested by local authorities. This includes the
receiving and delivering messages or the indirect forwarding of telephone calls.
phone calls. The guest is responsible for communicating his or her presence and room
room number to people with whom he or she wishes to have telephone calls or receive
visits, as well as giving permission to the staff to provide this information to
third parties.
● Package deliveries are permitted, but the hotel does not allow
deliverers into the hotel or reveal guest data to them. It is the guest's
responsibility of the guest to inform the front desk of the delivery, authorize the
communication of data, or receive the delivery personally.
● The Hotel Fafense does not have parking and/or parking spaces.
The Hotel Fafense is provided with two rooms adapted for people with
access difficulties (subject to availability).
Alcoholic beverages are allowed in the hotel except in quantities considered
considered abusive by the hotel. These quantities are entirely subject to the assessment and
judgment of the hotel staff.
All guests and visitors in possession of a firearm on hotel premises
will be personally responsible for complying with Portuguese law applicable to
firearms. Subject to the following restrictions: Guests of the Hotel Fafense with
license to carry a weapon may bring it into the hotel, with the following conditions:
For storage purposes only; kept unloaded; when carried
by the hotel and while in storage, kept in a secure, locked, hard case,
carried by the guest himself; and stored securely at all times in a locked room
a locked room or in a locked personal vehicle, except at the time of transport to or from the room
transported to or from the room.
The Hotel Fafense Terms & Conditions are constantly subject to change,
whether based on changes in laws, or understanding of the Hotel management.

Cancellation Policy:
Please, we ask that you read our cancellation policy carefully. Rarely
we make exceptions. Our front desk personnel are instructed to follow this policy.
Reservations cancelled more than 48 hours before the check-in date
Will have your deposit fully refunded.
● Reservations cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the check-in date
will not have the 50% deposit of the reservation amount refunded.
Reservations that are considered a "no show," meaning that the guest did not show up or
cancelled the reservation, will be considered cancelled reservations, will not have the deposit
refunded and the reservation becomes void, for the future date or dates.
● To change the date of a reservation, the guest must contact the Hotel Fafense 24
hours before the check-in date, so that no additional fees will be charged.
● Modifications of reservations less than 24h of the check-in date will not have the amount
deposit refunded, except for reasons considered by the hotel to be force majeure.
All reservation changes are subject to value adjustments based on the season and/or date of the new reservation.
the season and/or date of the new reservation.
Reservations modified less than 48 hours from check-in date will not have their deposit amount
deposit amount refunded if cancelled later,
regardless of how far in advance of the cancellation.
● For all non-refundable cases, the guest has the option to receive
stay vouchers as a courtesy in good faith and reschedule the stay for other dates
dates, totally dependent on the decision and availability of the Hotel Fafense. These
stays are not subject to cancellation and are subject to value increases
values by the time and/or date of the new reservation.
● If the guest decides to leave before the check-out date, the dates that were not
used within 48 hours of cancellation may be refunded in stay vouchers or have 50% of their
vouchers or have 50% of their value refunded.
We are available for contact in case of questions about our cancellation policy.
cancellation policy.